We believe that by bringing Health, Design and Technology communities together we can move towards a better future for human wellbeing. Health Design is a yearly event around the ideas improving public and individual health.

The event was founded in 2017 by Otto Olavinen the CEO from Northbay and Saara Hassinen the CEO from Healthtech Finland. We established the event in partnership with Anne Pitkäranta the Research Director from HUS and Markus Mäkelä the Director of the Aalto Health Platfrom.


Here are some of the key advisors that help us to put our programs together. There are many more who helped with advise and jury duties at our events and competitions. In addition we have special advisers based on each year's theme that you can find by scrolling down the page.

From left to Right: Prashant Jha the Co-Founder and Fellowship Director of School of International Biodesign, Tuuli Mattelmäki the Head of Department of Design at Aalto University, Venkata Gandikota the Lead Organiser at Innofrugal and Markku Lämsä the Attorney of the Instrumentarium Science Foundation.

2017 also marked the 100 year independence of Finland. To celebrate the occasion we founded the Health Design Pitching Competition with Sponsorship from Instrumentarium Science Foundation.

2017 Competition jury: Risto Ilmoniemi/Aalto University, Prashant Jha/AIIMS, Saara Hassinen/Healthtech Finland, Jyrki Nieminen/Merivaara, Joonas Koski/Valuemotive, Jyrki Mäkelä/HUS(BioMag), Kenneth Salonius/Vertical.vc

Team on the ground: Riccardo Pizzuti/Spatial and Graphic Design, Dovile Kurmanaviciute/Reception and Academic Coordination, Tuukka Lindholm/Video and Photography, Kiira Halinen/Reception and Marketing

Contact: otto.olavinen@northbay.fi +358 40 763 7918


Founding Partners:

Northbay is a company that builds ideas. We are a Creative agency that Directs, Designs and Develops. By specializing on research and technology intensive clients, we look forward to impact local and global landscape.

Contact: otto.olavinen@northbay.fi  +358 40 7637918

Healthtech Finland is an industry association and part of Technology Industries of Finland. Healthtech Finland is also a community: we foster our industry’s growth and collective knowledge.

HUS - The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa - is a Joint Authority formed by 24 municipalities. The aim is to offer patients in all member municipalities a timely and equal access to specialized medical care.

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary community where science and art meet technology and business. We are committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future.

Instrumentarium Science Foundation is a private, non-profit science foundation whose purpose is to promote and support medical, technical and scientific equipment and methods related research and economic research in these fields through grants. 


2018 was all about Experience. Meet Markus Ahola and Virpi Roto from Aalto Experience Platform.

2018 Competition Jury Final: Christian Lardot/NewCo Helsinki, Pasi Sorvisto/Spark Finland, Venkata Gandikota/Innofrugal, Tuula Palmen/VTT, Petri Lattu/Nordkapp, Markku Lämsä/Instrumentarium Science Foundation

Semifinal: Thomas Holm/Kaufmann Agency, Teemu Malmi/Instrumentarium Science Foundation, Raimo Sepponen/Aalto University

Special thanks: Paul Lillrank/Hema Institute, Heikki Nieminen/Aalto University, Nina Lindfors/HUS, Team at Upgraded, Riku Mäkelä/Embassy of Finland ins Singapore, Sakeena Tan/Slush Singapore, Will Wright/Nome


2019 Program Chairs from left to right. Laura Arpiainen Prof. Architecture of Health and Wellbeing, Pekka Kahri Technology Officer at HUS, Sinikka Salo Change Leader at STM, Jarmo Sareva Ambassador for Innovation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.


2022 Program Chairs from left to right. Johanna Viitanen Professor of Practice at Aalto University, Kiti Muller Senior Medical Advisor at Glucomodicum and Docent (adjunct professor) in Neurocognitive Ergonomics. Pekka MD, PhD, Project Director Large developmental hospital projects, Helsinki University Hospital



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